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Transnational project meeting

On January 13-14, 2024, an international project meeting was held in Kaunas, Lithuania. Representatives of Darnoje (Lithuania), SLA (Poland) and FFE (Spain) summarized the implementation of the two-year project, discussed the most important tasks and achieved indicators and results. We… Read More »Transnational project meeting

Board Game – FINAL version

After many months of work and testing – we present Our board game, you can download it from Our site The board game, is inspired by the popular game Monopoly, in which players, instead of buying cities, can buy… Read More »Board Game – FINAL version

Workshops for youth in Lodz

Youth from Teen Challenge from Pabianice and youth from the Łódź scout group took part in workshops organized by the Association of Active People. During the workshops, they prepared natural cosmetics, cooked using natural ingredients and herbs, prepared herbal mixtures… Read More »Workshops for youth in Lodz

Ecological news

Environmental education plays a crucial role in the development of youths and adults’s behavior, social awareness, and sense of responsibility towards the environment.By incorporating environmental education into the curriculum, this can help shape young minds to become environmentally conscious and… Read More »Ecological news

Worksops in Grenada

All participants get knowledge from the trainings about Home Ecology. Many things were new for them they enjoyed all the activities. According to the Evaluation Results: training program, methods of conducting classes, atmosphere during the classes, usefulness of the training,… Read More »Worksops in Grenada