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Embrace Home Ecology!

🌱💚 🏡🌍Let’s create sustainable homes:Save energyReduce, reuse, recycleGrow a sustainable gardenConserve waterChoose eco-friendly productsInspire others!Small steps, big impact! 🌿💚

Create a Green Home!

Transform your home into an eco-friendly haven! Easy Steps for a Greener Home:Add Plants: Bring nature indoors! Reduce Waste: Reuse and recycle! Save Energy: Use efficient appliances! Go Natural: Choose eco-friendly products! Sustainable Style: Opt for recycled materials! Let’s make… Read More »Create a Green Home!

Partners meeting

On 24.01.2023 a meeting of partners was held, during which we summarized the activities so far and talked about the next tasks – the promotion of the project, discussed the results of the evaluation of the city games and the… Read More »Partners meeting