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Ecological news

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO TEACH TO RAISE ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS?- Improved quality of life,- A healthy environment can improve people’s quality of life by providing fresh air, clean water, and nutritious food,- Education for the future,- Teaching youths and adults… Read More »Ecological news

Proecological tips

Tips for being more Eco-friendly: Food related practices to support our planet!

Ecological news

HOW CAN youths and adults BE ENCOURAGED TO TAKE CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT? Ecological books and toys Read them some books or show them eco-friendly toys that teach them about the importance of the environment and how to take care… Read More »Ecological news

Project meeting

Today’s partnership meeting – we summarized Our activities and made a plan for the next one. We are currently working on workshop scenarios about practical aspects of growing herbs at home and the possibility of using them in everyday life,… Read More »Project meeting

Pro-ecological tips

Simple tips to remember when you’re away from home! With these small steps that we can implement throughout our busy days, we would promote active citizenship and a responsible approach to our Earth and its resources.

Pro-ecological tips

Make use of the wonderful apps available to decrease your carbon footprint. With technologies advancing each day, more and more apps are being created for open use worldwide in order to combat the climate change issue of our times. Free,… Read More »Pro-ecological tips

City game in Grenada

The youth had to find hidden tasks, including interactive ones, recognize herbs and spices by their appearance and smell, answer questions about waste segregation, zero waste and propose their ideas for saving the planet.

Green countries in Europe

Poland the country with the worst environmental condition in the entire European Union. The greenest are Malta, France and Sweden. Such are the conclusions of the Schuman Foundation and Adenauer Foundation report “Europe Against Climate Catastrophe,” including a ranking of… Read More »Green countries in Europe