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Project completion – summary of activities

After 24 months of project implementation, we have completed all project activities. The partners from the Association of Active People, Darnoje and Foro de Formacion y Ediciones would like to thank the project participants, trainers, educators and experts implementing the project activitie

Summary in numbers:

  • 1 board game about ecological European solutions,
  • 1 workshop program with 5 interactive scenarios about herbs,
  • 1 city game program with ecological tasks,
  • 100 participants testing the board game,
  • 160 workshop participants,
  • 140 participants of city games,
  • 3 international partner meetings, including in Grenada, Lithuania and 1 online,
  • 7 online meetings on Skype and Zoom,
  • several dozen e-mail and WhatsApp messages between partners,
  • 1 website with over 13900 visits
  • 1 Facebook profile.

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