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Thanks to the implementation of this project, we want to draw the attention of young people to very creative pro-ecological solutions. We hope that this will draw their attention to the problems we are struggling with and encourage them to come up with more and more innovative solutions. We want to encourage them to take care of their surroundings and think not only on a global scale for the good of the Earth, but also on a local scale, so that they pay attention to what is happening around them and how they could improve the ecological situation in their area. After all, you don’t have to think about world solutions right away. It is enough to take care of your own environment and encourage others to do so. We also want to draw attention to inconspicuous herbs and show that you do not have to buy dried herbs in stores. We will show how much more efficient and economical it is to grow and care for fresh herbs and how much good they can give us, how many aspects of everyday life they are useful and what beneficial effects they have on our body. I know from experience how much pleasure and satisfaction is home growing herbs and how much they improve the taste of dishes. Their effect on our body should also not be diminished, thanks to which our complexion is improved, the body is cleansed of toxins and the body weight is reduced. Thanks to the implementation of this project, we plan to raise the qualifications of Youth workers participating in workshops, which will translate into the transfer of information obtained by them to organizations and youth cooperating with them.

The results we would like to achieve are:
• increasing the awareness of youth and people working with youth about the latest and most innovative pro ecological solutions
• Increased awareness of the use of herbs in cosmetics, cooking and medicine
• Increasing the ability to grow herbs at home
• Increase in cooking skills with the use of herbs
• Improve your herbal blend making skills
• Improve skills in the preparation of herbal cosmetics

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