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Interactive workshops

We plan to organize a series of interactive environmental workshops for young people and youth workers. During the workshop, we will present the practical aspects of growing herbs at home and the possibility of using them in everyday life, as well as talk about their medicinal properties and effects on the human body. A total of 150 people will participate in the workshop.
Registration for the workshop will be done through an online form. We will create a chat platform or forum for interactive workshops for participants.
These will be workshops related to the topic of herbalism. The topics will be as follows:

  • cultivation of basic herbs at home
  • medicinal properties of herbs
  • creation of mixtures of herbal teas
  • creation of cosmetics with the use of herbs
  • use of herbs in the kitchen and their influence not only on dishes, but also on the human body

FINAL VERSION of the training program with workshop scenarios and materials for trainers