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City game

We will create a scenario for an urban game that will promote environmentally friendly attitudes. The scenario will include task descriptions, station descriptions, rules of the game, as well as the objectives of the city game. We will then test the game on a group of 140 young people in dissemination events. We want this city game to combine knowledge about innovative solutions introduced by selected European countries and knowledge about growing and using herbs in everyday life.
During these events we will organize various stations where our participants will collect points. Teams will consist of about 4-5 people. At the beginning of the run, each group will receive a map with each station marked on it. At each station they will have different tasks to perform, requiring physical fitness in some situations, knowledge in others, and creativity and ingenuity in still others. All tasks to be performed will be directly related to the topic of ecological solutions and the cultivation and use of herbs, so basic knowledge in this area will be appreciated. We decided to combine learning with physical activity, a bit of competition and fun. The winners will receive prizes prepared by us, after all, what’s a contest without prizes. These will be team tasks, so the only condition for participation is to organize a close-knit team.
Thanks to the game, young people will increase their awareness of environmental issues. They will begin to form pro-environmental attitudes, and will have more knowledge about some of the issues related to taking care of the environment. We hope that the game will also interest youth workers and environmental or youth organizations and they will want to use our game as part of their activities.

FINAL VERSION of the city game program