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Board game

We want to create a board game inspired by the game of monopoly. Instead of buying a city, we will buy eco-friendly solutions introduced in various European countries and develop them. The cards will include questions related to these innovative solutions.
As part of the dissemination, workshops will be held where participants will take part in testing our game. Each partner will organize a minimum of 4 such workshops with 96 participants. The workshops will last about 6 hours (explanation of rules, introduction to the game + the game itself).
The game will ultimately be used by youth workers and educational institutions, as well as organizations working with youth and the field of ecology, so they will also be the beneficiaries of this activity. The youth, on the other hand, will participate in workshops to test our game. Thanks to the game, we will be able to conduct dissemination events – workshops where we will test the game. The game will also be a tool for youth workers and all youth or environmental organizations. They will be able to use our game in their activities.


The game consists of many elements that have a large volume. Therefore, each item must be downloaded from disk.